Pebble Smart Watch

The time has come where your watch can finally do more than just tell time. The Pebble smart watch is no exception, and I think it’s about time (no pun intended) that we have something so extraordinary. With watch you can read messages, control you music, use applications like a timer, stop-watch, and even a distance tracker. Utilizing an application for your android and ios devices, Pebble’s Smart Watch connects to your device via blue-tooth and can then take full advantage of the features I listed. The Watch is even said to water-proof!

Although not available to the public yet, Pebble hopes to have these bad boys out on the market very soon. Hopefully they stay true to their word and push these into production so I can get my hands on one right away. This looks very promising and a very interesting new piece of technology, hopefully one that will be able to last and hold it’s own place in the technological community. As well as include itself in our already expanding collection of personal gadgets and gizmos.


Facebook Graph Search

Have you ever wanted your friend’s opinion on your search entries? Well now you can have just that with Facebook’s Graph search. Graph search aims to rival google’s search in that it uses recommendations from friends you’ve acquired on facebook. “The company’s algorithms will filter search results for each person, ranking the friends and brands that it thinks a user would trust the most. At first, it will mine users’ interests, photos, check-ins and “likes,” but later it will search through other information, including status updates.” (

With this, I think that it could be very useful for finding a good restaurant or a movie. This has the potential to be very helpful in finding  things fast and on the go. As for now though, search results are sparse and don’t bring up much. Creators of the tool say that with more likes and statuses, as well as pictures and tags.

The most ironic thing that I think has come out of this is the fact that Facebook aims to out do google search, and this tool was developed former google developers.

Aaron Swartz incident

Recently, a man who has been responsible for a lot of internet innovations and was the co-creator of reddit committed suicide. Many people are in outrage towards the U.S. government and how their laws on hacking stand. Originally, Aaron Swartz was charged with the illegal downloading of millions of MIT and JSTOR scientific journals. If these charges were sought through, Aaron would have faced decades in prison and millions of dollars worth of fines. After the incident, JSTOR made it’s own documents free to download. MIT, however, has not, being that they initially went forward with pressing the charges against Aaron.

As I stated before, the internet, and millions of people are in outrage with the government. Stating that they need to refine their definition on laws regarding hacking. Aaron’s own father even said that government killed him, not suicide. The fact of the matter is that our laws state we cannot access any unauthorized content without proper permission. This has led prosecutors to make a lot of questionable charges towards these types of crimes. In my opinion, these laws are probably not going to change for some years. The government trusts in itself to make the “right” decision on these cases. In the case of Aaron Swartz, pressure from these types of charges can be deadly.

DmC: Devil May Cry Review

After reading and viewing dozens of reviews on the upcoming game DmC: Devil May Cry. I can say with certainty that I will be purchasing this game to try it for myself. Of the reviews I watched and read, a lot of them seemed to gloss over many of the negative points in the game. It was almost as if the reviewers didn’t want to get down and dirty and really evaluate and look at this game analytically. Instead it appeared as if they just sat there worshiping the ground it walks on. This felt like something was missing from a lot of the reviews. I thought to myself that this game can’t actually be this good, especially with a new developer taking the reigns for the first time. Only a select few reviews captured what I was looking for, and really took the evaluation and analytical sense into account. Coincidentally, these also seemed to be the least biased reviews from what I saw, and I saw a lot!

I think that, when it really came down to processing all of the info. I had acquired, a lot of these reviews seems over-confident and over-hyped. Save one that I really enjoyed from a man who knows what he is talking about. Adam Sessler has revolved his life around video-games and technology, getting his start on the channel “G4”, being the host of video-game show “X-Play”, Adam Sessler has developed a very good reputation in the gaming community. That being said, he has a strong influence towards gamers in his reviews, with them being very accurate, informative and very non-biased. This is what I look for in a review, and what I hope others look for as well. The game lacks a certain pop to it that makes the past Devil May Cry games what they are. This ,by no means however, makes it a bad game. On the contrary, it’s a very good game with lovely visuals and smooth combat mechanics from what I’ve played in the demo, and that was just work in progress. Where it really falls short in my opinion would be the writing. It seems kind of static, with not enough room to let the actors shine. But when it’s good, IT’S GOOD. You really have a feeling of connection to the characters that makes you care about them.

All in all, I think DmC: Devil May Cry will be a good first game to hit the shelves this year and start off the new collection. I can’t wait to get my hands on it and further evaluate it.
Hopefully the year’s line-up of games won’t fail to impress.

IGN Review:

Adam Sessler Review:

Time review:


FreeMyApps is a free (and LEGAL) service that lets you download sponsored apps for free and obtain points. At which point, you can spend these points to get rewards, such as itunes, amazon, and paypal gift cards just to name a few.

The service is available on both Android and IOS devices, and, as mentioned before, is free and completely legal.

After using the service, and others like it, for quite a few months now, and I have amassed a good amount of gift cards, many of them for amazon. But also a few for the google play store, and itunes.

I would have to place this app in the entertainment category. If only because the apps it provides are mostly games, some very entertaining at that. Two similar apps would be, Free slots and Free points (both only available for ios devices currently).

I have also included to the links to all 3 services on this. Just go to them on your mobile web browser for ios devices. For android, FreeMyApps is free in the google play store a standalone app.

TOP 10 CLUB SONGS 2012 by

10.Tiesto & U2 – Pride (in the name of love)

9. Avicii – Levels

8. Swedish House Mafia – Don’t you worry Child

7. Hardwell – Spaceman

6. Tiesto – Maximal Crazy

5. Avicii – Silhouettes

4. Nari & Milani – Atom

3. Calvin Harris – We’ll be coming back

2. Gotye ft. Kimbra – Somebody that I used to know ( Tiesto Remix)

1. David Guetta – She Wolf ( falling to pieces) ft. Sia

Top 10 Electronic Dance Tracks Of 2012 by Sami Yenigun and Otis Hart

“Hallelujah Anyway” (Larse Vocal Mix)

“They Frontin'” (feat. Monty Luke)
(Get Physical)

(Swamp 81)

“Control” (feat. Ria Richie) (Joe Goddard Remix)

“All That Matters” (Instrumental)

“Not Listening”
(Studio !K7)

“The Tresor Track”

“Ghetto Kraviz” (Amine Edge Edit)

(Hessle Audio)

1. UZ
“Trap S—- V5”