Pebble Smart Watch

The time has come where your watch can finally do more than just tell time. The Pebble smart watch is no exception, and I think it’s about time (no pun intended) that we have something so extraordinary. With watch you can read messages, control you music, use applications like a timer, stop-watch, and even a distance tracker. Utilizing an application for your android and ios devices, Pebble’s Smart Watch connects to your device via blue-tooth and can then take full advantage of the features I listed. The Watch is even said to water-proof!

Although not available to the public yet, Pebble hopes to have these bad boys out on the market very soon. Hopefully they stay true to their word and push these into production so I can get my hands on one right away. This looks very promising and a very interesting new piece of technology, hopefully one that will be able to last and hold it’s own place in the technological community. As well as include itself in our already expanding collection of personal gadgets and gizmos.


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