Facebook Graph Search

Have you ever wanted your friend’s opinion on your search entries? Well now you can have just that with Facebook’s Graph search. Graph search aims to rival google’s search in that it uses recommendations from friends you’ve acquired on facebook. “The company’s algorithms will filter search results for each person, ranking the friends and brands that it thinks a user would trust the most. At first, it will mine users’ interests, photos, check-ins and “likes,” but later it will search through other information, including status updates.” (nytimes.com)

With this, I think that it could be very useful for finding a good restaurant or a movie. This has the potential to be very helpful in finding  things fast and on the go. As for now though, search results are sparse and don’t bring up much. Creators of the tool say that with more likes and statuses, as well as pictures and tags.

The most ironic thing that I think has come out of this is the fact that Facebook aims to out do google search, and this tool was developed former google developers.



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