Aaron Swartz incident

Recently, a man who has been responsible for a lot of internet innovations and was the co-creator of reddit committed suicide. Many people are in outrage towards the U.S. government and how their laws on hacking stand. Originally, Aaron Swartz was charged with the illegal downloading of millions of MIT and JSTOR scientific journals. If these charges were sought through, Aaron would have faced decades in prison and millions of dollars worth of fines. After the incident, JSTOR made it’s own documents free to download. MIT, however, has not, being that they initially went forward with pressing the charges against Aaron.

As I stated before, the internet, and millions of people are in outrage with the government. Stating that they need to refine their definition on laws regarding hacking. Aaron’s own father even said that government killed him, not suicide. The fact of the matter is that our laws state we cannot access any unauthorized content without proper permission. This has led prosecutors to make a lot of questionable charges towards these types of crimes. In my opinion, these laws are probably not going to change for some years. The government trusts in itself to make the “right” decision on these cases. In the case of Aaron Swartz, pressure from these types of charges can be deadly.


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