Me the Speaker

The main social networking outlet I use is: Facebook


Audience: My audience for facebook is primarily family and friends, but I admit I do have a lot of people on my friends list who I do not personally know, however, they do live in the area. So it’s not too crazy, but still, I could go through and clean out my list when I get the chance.

Content: When I post on facebook, it has to have meaning, I don’t just on the spur of the moment saying that I just bought some new clothes. I like posting things that matter heavily in my life like good times with friends and big events like a concert or the school musical.

Occasion: I post things to share with the people in my life and let them know what’s what. As I have stated before, I like posting things with meaning. I post these to remember those good times with the people I know and love.

Media: I like to use facebook, because it is such a simple and widely used interface.

Purpose: I use facebook to communicate with my friends and family and share my thoughts and opinions on a range of topics, as well as eventful moments in my life.


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