Reaction to Social Networking

After reading the three articles, I feel that social networking sites, and technology of the same sort has found it’s niche in daily life. It has definitely made an impressive impact on the world as we know it. But I think it should still be used within reason, Facebook for example can tie you closer to the ones you care about, but at the same time give every bit of information on the daily life of a person you’ve never met face to face a day in your life. I personally use facebook, twitter, reddit (mostly for creepy pastas and no sleeps), instagram, and tumblr. But I use all of these sites with a reason, and with a purpose. I like using facebook to connect with friends and organize events for a large group. Twitter lets me follow some of my icons as well as give the up and up of my day to those that I care about. Instagram is mainly for those moments that I have to capture and upload quickly to let people see and enjoy. No I am not one those people who will just post what I ate for breakfast 5 minutes ago, but rather, I like posting pictures that tell a story of a fun time. Pictures that have a good memory behind them. These days I see people just uploading some of the most ridiculous and useless stuff to these sites, even the people I come into contact with everyday are guilty as charged. This is where I think, the argument of technology in schools comes into play. It can be very useful, but on a reasonable level, and with the right guidelines. As of these days though, many students would rather see the luxuries of their devices and networking sites, rather than see the educational potential it all has. This reason, I think, is the main reason why this is such a hard pressed and heavily debated issue because the positives and negatives almost cancel each other out.

I like to think I that I am good student and don’t participate in such actions, but the fact is, I am just as guilty as my peers that I mentioned above. The temptation to capture that funny moment and post it right away is very overwhelming. You as many people to see it as you can get before the topic becomes dull and uninvited to a conversation.

In this day and age, social networking has taken it’s rightful place in daily life. But the magnitude of people relying on it for  information on their peers, and the constant conflict between the pros and cons of their uses in the classroom are problems that are yet to be resolved. Until that happens, social networking will still be just that, networking.


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