Church Denies Teen Confirmation

This article that I just read, was, well, quite shocking in my opinion. The article states that the church of MN Teen Lennon Cihak, denied him the religious rite of passage that is confirmation. This apparently all started when Lennon posted a picture on his facebook of him holding a sign that said vote yes to the marriage amendment, but he had changed it with sharpie marker to say vote no.

After finding out about this, Lennon’s local church decided to deny him confirmation. The church would not explain as to why they did this in their interview with the star tribune. I personally disagree with this, a lot. The fact that someone is denied something that they have worked for, for probably many years, because of their own beliefs and opinions just upsets me. It’s not like Lennon was committing a federal crime, no, he just posted a picture on facebook. Apparently facebook can really turn your world upside down now a days. Not to mention that several of his friends, who go to the same church liked the photo, but were not denied confirmation.

I think that people need to stop taking the things we do and share on facebook so seriously. But at the same time, this doesn’t mean we should not use caution when posting.


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