Viral Videos

I think that when it comes to having a video of yours go viral on YouTube, it takes some luck, hard work, and careful planning to make it happen. That’s about as far as I go with agreeing with Dan Ackerman Greenberg. The man may be an expert on marketing videos and making them big, but he states that really, you’re only a one time thing, that you have original content with each upload. That each video has to be something fresh and new, and that you have to keep it short and simple.

Well, I beg to differ, because I am subscribed to many “YouTube Celebrities” who don’t follow any of those constraints. While having a single big video is one thing, these people do this on a daily basis, and practically make a living off of posting videos to their channels for their loyal subscribers to see.

So, technically, these people have millions of views on almost all of their videos. Their videos are pretty much all YouTube sensations because of their loyal followers and their popularity.


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