My Music

The music I listen to varies a lot from time to time, and my collection is ever growing. But for about the past four years now, there has always been genre that has always been in my mind and has continued year after year to stand the test of time. The genre that I am speaking of is “EDM” or “Electronic Dance Music.” This genre and its many sub-genres are what take up the majority of my daily music selections. Whether it’s the rising action of “Progressive House” from Deadmau5, the heavy bass drops of “Dubstep” from the likes of Skrillex (Recently winner of three Grammys) Knife Party Nero and many others , the crazy fast beats and slow pounding bass of “Drum and Bass” by Noisia, or the nostalgic “Synthpop/ Techno” sound from the Grammy winners “Daft Punk.” All of them make me feel an array of emotions that relate both to the nature of the sub-genres and their respective songs, and of my own personal experiences.

This obsession so to speak started about 3-4 years ago when I was just hearing about Skrillex and was still listening heavily to death metal, and screamo. Then a band called Asking Alexandria came out and their heavy style interlaced with electronic synths really struck me as just amazing. So I gradually started listening to more and more electronic music until, eventually, it completely took over my playlists and majority of my music collection. Today it seems like it was an overnight change, from metal-head to electro-junkie. Gone were the heavy screams and loud guitar riffs, and in were the bass drops and synth-pops. No more Suicide Silence, Dethklok, or Disturbed, no sir, now it was Skrillex, Daft Punk, and Deadmau5.

From there I branched out listening to the likes of the Tiesto, Justice, Knife Party, and dozens more. But one day during the summer, just before school of my junior year, one song in particular struck as just amazing. It’s called “Strobe” by Deadmau5 and this one song inspired me to get into electronic music on a deeper level.  With its’ slow start and beautiful rising action that is layered with synths, kick bass, and claps here and there. Then to all drop into this fun, energized, and just awesome 2 minutes. If wasn’t for this song, I probably wouldn’t be interested in going into a career of electronic music.

I think the main reason that I listen to electronic music is that it makes me feel so energized and happy in a way only the music can. I can’t really explain it, but when I’m in my zone and just listening to the music, I just get lost in my own world where there is just me and the music. It’s like a complete feeling of euphoria that is triggered by beats and synths mixed together in such a way that it hits me as awesome, and it takes me for a ride through the song.

Considering that the majority of the songs I listen to do not have lyrics, I have to listen to them musically and find certain parts of the songs that are interesting to me. These sections of the songs are what make me happiest and most energized during the song. Such as the drop in “Strobe” by Deadmau5 for example, this part is basically what made want to make a career out of producing electronic music.

The music I listen to may not have lyrics to walk me through the story of the song, but the songs tell great stories to me. This makes me think on a deeper level with the music in my opinion, because I’m focusing on the music itself and not the lyrics. This is the music I listen to, and it makes me happy.


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