Personal Connections in Music

deadmau5 – “Strobe

  • This song starts out slowly, then gradually builds up.

I feel I can connect to this part of the song in that the way I like to do things is slow and steady, then I usually get more

complex in my work, or in my art and build from there.

  • After the build up, the song brings in the beat of the kick bass that sets the rhythm and the tone for the song.

During certain points in my life, everything seems to be going good and to a steady rhythm that keeps everything in place.

  • Following the kick bass are the array of “synths” that carry the melody forward.

I like to think of these as my friends who join me in my times of happiness and are there to have fun and enjoy the time.

  • Eventually the synths start to settle down a little bit and kick bass isn’t as prominent, everything gets a little quieter before the drop.

This is my preparation time, the few moments I have before I do something big. These moments in my life are rare and each time they happen, I savor and remember every single one of them.

  • For a split second, everything is quiet, then the it all “drops” the bass, the beat, the synths, all of it and it becomes this massive harmony of electronic mastery and complete  and total trance of music.

This where my biggest moments in my life happen. This where I shine brightest and I am the happiest I will ever be. This single moment, this single feeling of complete peace are what make me do the things I do, and shape me into the person I am and the person who I will be.

  • The excitement in the music eventually tones down to bring an end to the song slowly and peacefully.

As much as I’d like it to last forever, the huge moment of happiness and inner peace can’t last forever. Eventually things have to settle down and go back to normal. This where my life is stable again, and I am able to walk away with good feeling in my heart and my head held up high.

1. How does this song connect to an event/period of your life?

This is the song that inspired me to get into audio production and to be more musically inclined.

2. What draws you to this song on a personal level?

This song makes me feel so happy and tranquil. It’s like electronic nirvana, nothing can hurt me when I listen to this song.

3. Describe when you would find yourself listening to this song.

I mainly listen to this song when I’m daydreaming or just in the mood for it. Sometimes (just for fun) i like to listen to this song when something awesome is about to happen, like a sports team winning a playoff, or an epic part in a movie.


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