Daft Punk- “Face to Face” Annotation

  • Strong verb: Tried to forget.
  • Autobiographical Phrase: I turned away.
  • Loaded language: It really didn’t make sense
    Just to leave this unresolved
    It’s not hard to go the distance
    When you finally get involved face to face.
  • Questions: What are they saying when they say the lyrics; “You are dancing”?
  • Is this mainly about Love, Politics, Inequality, or all of the above and more?
  • Four Statements: “It’s not hard to go the distance
    When you finally get involved face to face”
  • “I turned away
    Because I thought you were the problem
    Tried to forget
    Until I hit the bottom
    But when I faced you
    In my blank confusion
    I realized you weren’t wrong,
    It was a mere illusion”
  • “I must admit
    It’s my pride that made me distant
    All because
    I hoped that you’d be someone different”
  • “But the answer is in clear view
    It’s amazing what you’ll find face to face”

Speaker: Daft Punk
Audience: Daft Punk fans, electronic music listeners
Topic/Focus: Coming “Face to Face” with the truth and that everything
isn’t always what you hope for.
Speaker’s Attitude Toward Topic: Daft Punk’s attitude towards this topic is,
in my opinion, serious and at the same time very intimate. They care about the topic, but
also don’t exaggerate it.
Personal Reaction: My personal reaction is that I couldn’t agree more with their message.
You don’t always get what you want, and coming face to face with that fact is sometimes what
you need to realize it and this song speaks the truth on many levels like love, politics, racism,
and more.


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