Music Video

1. What is the song about?

2. What is the artist’s attitude toward the subject of the song?

3. Although there are no lyrics, I feel this song still tells a lot,
so in absence of lyrics, describe one section of the song that stands out to you and why.

4. Share and support your opinion about this song.

5. What images/lyrics/messages are appealing to the listener?


One thought on “Music Video

  1. 1. It is not clear what the song is about being as there are no lyrics.
    2. Having a good time.
    3. After the intro, the song changes from being slow paced to building nicely into a great melody of sound.
    4. I like this song for its great craftsmanship. Deadmau5 is a very talented artist and this is a hit song.
    5. The lighting of the stage.

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