Deadmau5 interview

Ever wanted to know a little more about deadmau5? What about just getting to know who he is? Well here is a pretty cool video I found of a recent interview explaining Joel (deadmau5) Zimmerman, and some of his views and background.

1. Who is the artist being interviewed? Who is interviewing the artist? What is the source/medium of the interview?
The artist being interviewed is Joel Zimmerman a.k.a “Deadmau5” and Qtv is interviewing him. The source is
2. What was the focus of the interview?
Basically getting to know Joel, who he is, how he got his start in EDM (Electronic Dance Music), and his views on things like the press, politics, controversy among other artists, as well as drug abuse.
3. What did the artist have to say about the music they make?
Joel enjoys what he does and he does it with a passion. One thing i like to quote from this video is that Joel says; “You can play bad EDM live for an hour, but you can only really play good EDM live for about one song.” What Joel does is the latter, but does it in hours rather than minutes, making him so good and popular.
4. From the interview, what could you gather about the image/lifestyle the artist leads?
Joel does live a wealthy life, but he lives humbly, he earned all of his luxuries through making his music, and although he isn’t much of a philanthropist, Joel sees no point in not helping others with the power you have a celebrity of his status.
5. What connections can you make between the artist’s image/lifestyle and the content of their music?
Joel loves video games and social networking, and makes strong connections to those in his music. He also show his fans live feeds of him in the studio making his music and doing what he does best. By this use of technology, Joel is able to connect with his fans on a much greater level, by bringing them into his world of the music producing process. Fans of Joel know exactly what to expect on a new album just by watching his live streams. This makes his live concerts that much better, because the fans have already experienced the music and can like it all the more.


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